Sri Bhagavadgita Dhyanam – శ్రీ గీతా ధ్యానం

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6 Responses

  1. vsn chari says:

    It’s really painful to have compiled the stotras etc orderly and creating website for which I express my gratitude.

  2. Ramamohan Venkata Turlapati says:

    How to help your web site?

  3. B.nirmala says:

    Bhavatgeeta rendering is completly available in Raghavareddy gari site on youtube. It is originally by swami Bhramananda of Chinmaya mission . Also Shankaracharya stotras by Swami are available. Probable this may interest you sir

  4. V.VASU DEVA RAO says:

    Its a great effort to compile entire bhagvath githa shlokas which is helpful to githa readers.May Lord Krishna bless you

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